Halong Bay is, without question, one of the must-see sites in Vietnam. It might be on the bucket list of many more travelers these days, but it’s still a stunning sight to see, and a trip that will likely stay in your memory banks for a long, long time! And if you’ve got the funds, a Halong Bay luxury cruise has to sit at the very top of any bucket list!

Halong Bay has a huge number of cruises available these days, ranging from cheap & cheerful to sheer luxury. We’ve posted elsewhere on the site about some good value Halong Bay cruises (which we’ve experienced a few times ourselves), but this post is all about the very best luxury cruises you can find in Halong Bay…

halong bay luxury cruise

You might be on a honeymoon, a family trip to remember, or just looking to splash out on a trip to remember forever…whatever your reason, we’ve collected three of the best cruises your money can buy in Halong Bay. We’ve done all the legwork and searching online to hunt down THREE cruises that provide the very best service, the best facilities, and, of course, the very best gourmet Vietnamese cuisine!

Cruises will typically run over one or two nights. But it’s up to you and your pocket how many days you’ll need in Halong Bay (check out our guide to how many days to spend in Halong Bay); we’ll just point out that when you’re on one of these luxury cruises, you won’t want to head back to shore any time soon, and may, in fact, regret not booking a longer stay…

The cruises we’ve listed below are not cheap – but they offer the very best facilities, facilities that you would typically expect in a 4 or 5-star hotel. Just look at the Stellar of the Seas cruise below as an example; their Executive Suites are spacious and stunning (as you can see on the Instagram pics). And with all of the choices below, you can expect a jacuzzi, spa service, luxuriously exquisite bedding, gourmet food, and, perhaps best of all, a private balcony where you can watch the stunning views of Halong Bay pass you by…in short, expect to be wowed!

The cruises below are listed in no particular order…but just expect a fabulous experience, one that’s worth every penny! The three we’ve selected for your enjoyment:

Stellar of the Seas Perhaps the very best Halong Bay luxury cruise!
Orchid CruiseAnother Halong Bay luxury cruise to savor!
Doris Cruise 500 5* reviews mean you can’t go wrong with this Halong Bay luxury cruise!
One thing we’ve noticed many reviewers mention (and seen for ourselves), is the lack of a decent WIFI signal on many of the boats in Halong Bay. We say: don’t expect WIFI, just go and have a luxurious time exploring one of the world’s true wonders!

Stellar of the Seas: perhaps the very best Halong Bay luxury cruise


The Stellar of the Seas cruise of Halong Bay might just blow you away. Expect a level of service you might not have come across in Vietnam, as the Stellar crew will make your Halong Bay luxury cruise one to remember!

Just look at the reviews online to get a taste of what to expect (on Booking.com they are rated 9.9 with 600+ reviews!) – in short, they aim to please onboard the Stellar, with impeccable, tentative service, spacious rooms with balconies (OMG, don’t look at the Presidential Suite – truly fit for a king, as are all their rooms!), gourmet Vietnamese food to savor, all aboard a brand new, modern boat. A transfer service from your hotel in Hanoi is also available.

The only question is: will two nights be enough in this magnificent Halong Bay cruiser?

Orchid Cruise: another Halong Bay luxury cruise to savor!

OK, so just take a quick look at the pic below and imagine yourself there on one of these awesome, unforgettable Orchard Cruises…


The cruises offered by Orchid Cruise will quite possibly blow your mind! They have a number of options available, including one or two night cruises, but their rooms are exquisite, with many suites (there are Family, Premium, and Exclusive Suites available) having their own private balcony. And that’s what it’s all about when you’re in this magnificent bay, sipping on a cold one with your loved one(s), watching the bay slowly drift past you…

These guys have also managed to rack-up a huge number of impressive reviews online, with some very satisfied guests. Expect amazing service, including being showered with rose petals on your boarding! The free-standing baths and showers add an element of sheer luxury, something we know some of you may be looking for…

The one-nighter on this cruise might seem a little rushed with limited activities – we’d recommend the two nights to get the absolute max out of what is a quite stunning Halong Bay luxury cruise!

Doris Cruise: 500 5* reviews mean you can’t go wrong with this Halong Bay luxury cruise!


Last up in our list of luxury Halong Bay cruises is Doris Cruise. These guys run an impeccable cruise too, and everything you might associate with a luxury cruise, you’ll get. They also have a new, modern boat with all the trimmings, so expect to be spoiled!

With spacious rooms, delicious food, English-speaking staff (not always a given in Vietnam), and even a hot tub on the deck, you’ll have a lot to truly enjoy on this cruise. And yes, with many 10/10 reviews online, this is a Halong Bay luxury cruise to store eternally in the old memory banks!

Just in case you needed a little inspiration for that visit to Halong Bay, check out this awesome video…

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