Du Gia Homestay: budget-friendly bliss in the far north of Vietnam…

If you’re doing the HaGiang Loop Tour and in need of a great little pitstop, the Du Gia Homestay is an excellent place to rest your weary bike-broken body…

Located in Yên Minh village in HàGiang province, this great, authentic little homestay is a fantastic place to rest for the night and meet fellow Loopers.

Du Gia Homestay, HaGiang

You’ll find yourselves surrounded by rice fields (if you’re lucky, your local neighbors will be planting or cultivating their fields, so keep the camera handy), and other signs of authentic Vietnamese village life…meaning wandering dogs, chickens, and heck yes, even buffalo!

Dinner is also a great option to try, it’s a nice spread complete with rounds of Happy Water (the legendary, very strong – 40% alcohol – rice or corn wine). You’ll end up having a great night’s sleep, as long as you remember to open up the mosquito net before you hit dreamland…

I slept in the main, open dorm ($5 a night but if you’ve gone for one of QT’s inclusive tours, it’s included – by the way, this homestay is associated with QT), but there is some privacy with curtains and sheets as dividers. There are other more luxurious options, including two private bungalows (around $13) that look out over a private pond. The breakfast terrace overlooking the rice fields is also a great little chillout spot, before you head out for the day’s riding.

Du Gia Homestay

All in all, a great little place. However, I have to say that if you’re expecting a “homestay” experience, where you get to meet a local family, their kids, and their pet chickens, you might be disappointed. This is more of a friendly little guest house. Just so you know, the next day on my Ha Giang Loop Tour, we stayed at the Dong Van Hmong Homestay, and that was a genuine homestay encounter! And if you’re looking for something very budget-friendly in Ha Giang itself, try the Shan Tea Homestay!

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