Dong Van H’Mong Homestay: an authentic homestay experience!

There’s nothing quite like a genuine homestay experience in Vietnam to really get a taste of this amazing country. And when you’re on the road doing the HaGiang Loop, don’t miss this little cracker in Dong Van!

Located in the far north of Vietnam (see the map below), the Dong Van H’mong Homestay is a perfect pitstop for those on the Loop and stopping off before or after the magnificent Ma Pi Leng Pass. It’s on the outskirts of the town of Dong Van, so be aware that you’re not within walking distance of cafes and restaurants – but seriously, you don’t need them!

Dong Van Hmong Homestay

Facilities aren’t the most luxurious, but take it from me, after a hard day’s riding you’re thankful for any running water and a place to lie down…

What makes this place special is the pure, genuine, hospitality of the H’mong hosts, who, together with their cute kids and baby ducklings running around (oh, and almost forgot the white rabbit!), make this a really special night to remember.

The dinner is also very good, and don’t miss out on the rounds of Happy Water (the ever legendary rice wine) to ensure you get a good night’s kip! If you’re lucky, you’ll also be treated to some authentic H’mong music from the hosts!


Bottom line: this is a great little homestay, memories of which you’ll take to the grave with you! If you’re not part of the QT all-inclusive experience, a night here will set you back around $11.

NEED ANOTHER GREAT HOMESTAY ON THE HA GIANG LOOP? If you’re in need of another great option on the Ha Giang Loop, try the Du Gia Homestay in Yên Minh village. It’s not quite as “homey” as the Dong Van H’mong Homestay, but you’ll like it! If you’re looking for something in Ha Giang itself, try the Shan Tea Homestay.
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