Shan Tea Homestay: budget-friendly HaGiang goodness!

If you’re heading to Ha Giang and looking for some great budget-friendly accommodation, the Shan Tea Homestay has to be on your checklist!

Currently the cheapest sleep in Ha Giang at just $1 a night, the Shan Tea Homestay is a great little place to put your head down for the night. And even though it’s only just been opened (in September 2019), it promises to be a great option for anyone watching their cash flow.


It’s a typical homestay open dorm setup, with curtains your only wall-dividers (and yes, there are also mosquito nets for each and every bed). But it’s also a great way to get friendly with fellow travelers, while also keeping your costs low.

The communal dinners are also great to experience, especially if there are a number of you. When I was there we had a whole mix of Germans, Italians, Brits, Poles, and Israelis, and the Happy Water was flowing nicely! The owners put on a great spread, even including vegetarian dishes for those who wanted. Watch out for one of the owners and her magical slicing and dicing of sticky rice – see the video below.

One of the big reasons for coming here is the excellent friendly owners, as well as the cheap beds – by the way, if you are doing a tour you get to sleep here for FREE! Ask Hieu for the lowdown on his range of tours, or for great advice on where to rent a bike.

LOOKING FOR MORE GREAT HOMESTAYS ON THE HA GIANG LOOP? If you’re in need of another great option on the Ha Giang Loop, try the Dong Van Hmong Homestay in Dong Van. You’ll like it! And if you need a great tour of the Loop, read this.
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