Ha Giang Loop Tour


If you’re looking to do the ultimate motorbike adventure, the Ha Giang Loop is the one you’ll take to the grave with you!

The Loop will literally blow your mind and prove to be one of the very best experiences you’ll have in Vietnam! Guaranteed!

After doing tons of research online and actually doing the Loop ourselves, we’ve teamed up with the very best tour operator in Ha Giang to ensure you have an unforgettable experience. Forget about crappy bikes, shoddy service, or just really useless advice, these guys are the business and will really take care of you. Find out more now.

Ha Giang Loop Tour really should be on any traveler’s bucket list or Vietnam MUST DO checklist. And it doesn’t matter if you’re solo or in a group, doing the driving yourself or riding pillion – I did it riding pillion with a seasoned guide because I wanted to take plenty of pictures and videos – the experience is still a mind-blower!

Ideally done in three or (preferably) four days, the Ha Giang Loop is a chance to see Northern Vietnam like no other. Oh – and be ready for one heck of an ADVENTURE!

We haven’t included prices here because the price will depend on so many factors, such as the tour you take, the bike, whether you take a guide or ride solo, if you ride pillion, and so on. Click the Book Now button above and we can then start to work out what you need.
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