So, is it safe to visit Vietnam right now (thanks Corona!)


A question many of you are probably asking right now, and rightly so as it’s a question currently gripping the whole of the world – is it safe to visit Vietnam right now due to the Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak?

First off, I have to point out that we’re not health experts on this website, and definitely not linked in any way to anything official, but there are a number of things you should be aware of if you’re thinking of checking out Vietnam’s amazing sites in the future (but since March 15 you won’t be able to come anyway, see the table below). Hopefully things will get back to normal fairly pronto…

With the threat of the coronavirus ever more potent across the world, Vietnam has applied a ban on visits from any national from any country in the world. So if you were thinking of coming, you can’t. The ban has been in place since March 15, and there are constant rumors ever since that it will be relaxed at some point in July. Foreign experts and investors with piles of dosh can enter, but it’s complicated…
There were still only a relatively low 329 reported cases (and many have already been discharged) – as of June 7 – with ZERO deaths. But by the end of JULY, Vietnam had recorded its first COVID death. Here we are, now in October, and the death rate has increased to 35. But the Vietnamese seem to have everything under reasonable control. For now.
The WHO (World Health Organization) have praised Vietnam’s efforts in fighting the virus. And it’s not only the WHO, check out these reports from the BBC and The Guardian.
Many Vietnam tourist sites are now reopened, including streets like the much-maligned Bui Vien Walking Street. Some tourists are still reporting that they are facing hotel and homestay closures along their way from north to south (or vice versa).

All in all, things look reasonably safe in Vietnam. Most of the locals are still very wary of COVID-19, and hadn’t stopped their day-to-day living. That changed for a bit, and Saigon at night was a vastly different place – and a helluva lot quieter. But everywhere is still without tourists, so until tourism picks up again, that’s likely to be the scenario.

Check out the video below from just before the ban on tourists, which includes interviews with a number of tourists from across the globe…things have changed for the worse since then it has to be said, but I’d still rather be in Vietnam than somewhere like the US or the UK, who seem to have got this thing wrong from the get-go…

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