Vietnam: First impressions count!


When arriving in Vietnam for the first time, expect a bit of an overload on your ol’ senses!

We’ve written up a quick guide of the things to look out for, especially when arriving at the airport, but here we’ve collected a few of the more primal impressions you might get of this amazing country within your first day or two…

Horns, horns, horns!

Excellent coffee, especially the iced cafe sua da!

Motorbikes simply everywhere!

The heat!

The lust for your hairy arms!

The friendly locals!

The excellent street food!

It’s as cheap as chips!

Fish sauce!

Trash everywhere!

The locals shouting at each other!

Crowing cockerels at 04:00 – in the middle of the city!

Beautiful Vietnamese girls in their Ao Dai!

Stunning views!

Did we forget something?

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