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Here’s my little guide to where to eat in Quy Nhon, complete with some restaurants we enjoyed, and other Quy Nhon eateries you should probably try – or even avoid!

First off, I have to point out that there aren’t too many Western options here, as Western-focused tourism still hasn’t landed big-time in Quy Nhon. I have a feeling tourism is about to arrive in this cute little town, but until it does, your eating out options are fairly limited. So for now, be prepared to eat Vietnamese, and especially seafood!

Check out the map below for some of the highlights we discovered in Quy Nhon, and other places we recommend you try.

The highlights of eating out in Quy Nhon

One of the highlights we found in the heart of Quy Nhon was a cute little restaurant called Bo Ne Pham Gia (which served up a beefy version of the excellent Op La dish). Great for breakfast, and even a menu in English! I have to say, I wasn’t expecting much from this place after finding it on Google Maps, but the meat was excellent too. The best bit – it’s not overly expensive, at something like 55,000 VND.

Another spot worth trying is the Quy Nhon Food Street, which has some great local dishes to taste. It’s not a huge market, but there are plenty of great Vietnamese food options to choose from. You’ll probably also get plenty of stares as you battle with your chopsticks or try and order in broken Vietnamese as this market, although signposted in English, is a little hard to pinpoint exactly on the map (we’ve done our best above) – and the lack of any Western faces is quite surprising (though we loved it)!

One Quy Nhon restaurant that seems to get a lot of online love is Sisters – as it was close to where I was staying I decided to give it a try. I was left feeling a little let down despite the pizza (and they have a ton of interesting pizzas available) being very tasty; any restaurant that forgets one of your dishes (especially when only one other table was occupied in the restaurant) really needs to pay attention a little more. But give them a try, they are definitely a decent eat in Quy Nhon.

A couple of other decent restaurants in Quy Nhon worth a shout out are the Come Together Bar (which has some live music and some decent Western grub, all at a fairly decent price plus a pool table and foosball table), and Sea Fire Salt (a pricier option and a few minutes drive south from the main part of Quy Nhon, but with some delicious Western food and also some dishes grilled on hot stones!).

Last up in our little list of where to eat in Quy Nhon is a little more generic. There are just a huge number of seafood restaurants in Quy Nhon, mostly congregated on the seafront, perhaps not surprisingly – head for Trần Đức at Phan Đăng Lưu street, you’ll find a whole load of restaurants side by side. They serve up plenty of good-value, delicious seafood, and there are also a ton of places serving up Oc (snails!). The English in these places is limited at best, so if you’re feeling brave, give it a go!

Room for improvement…

To be honest, the food in Quy Nhon was pretty darned good. The only major disappointment for me was the highly-rated Surf Bar on the beach. Despite the ideal location, on the sandy beachfront of Quy Nhon, there were no draft beers here, only cans. The great view was worth the tinny taste of course, with the sea just meters away, but this place could be so much more…seriously, this is a bar but they serve up cans??

And hey, if you don’t find anything that grabs you, you could always grab yourself an ice coffee and head out to the beach at sunset…

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