Best place to change money in Vietnam

The first thing you’ll discover when changing money in Vietnam is that you’ll almost certainly become an instant millionaire!


For example, changing $50* will give you an instant 1,162,000 VND! And changing up £50* will, of course, make you even richer Рexpect to bank almost 1,500,000 VND!
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But where can I change my money – and get the best rates?

When you want to change some money in Vietnam, you’re basically looking at three main options:

The Local Banks: Banks in the major cities and towns like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will usually have no problems with changing you up some currency. From my experience, bring your passport with you. The rates are decent.

Your accommodation: Most hotels and guest houses will be more than happy to change you up some Dong, and many will have reasonable rates. The smaller, homier places will likely charge you a little extra.

Jewelry and Gold shops: In my experience, these are your best bet for changing money in Vietnam. Be aware that when you change at a jewelry/gold store, the larger notes will get you a slightly better rate. The difference is minimal, but if you have larger notes you will get more Dong for your buck. You can find them everywhere: in Saigon, try the shops across the road from the main entrance to Ben Thanh market in District 1 (it will be very busy), while in Hanoi try the ever-popular Hang Bo and Ha Trung streets.

Can I use ATMs to withdraw Vietnamese currency?

Yes, of course. ATMs are almost everywhere nowadays, even in the smaller towns. However, if you’re heading to somewhere a little more remote, such as the Ha Giang Loop, take some money with you rather than relying on the hunt for an ATM.

Be aware that when withdrawing (it seems to be that many ATMs limit withdrawals to two million VND), you will be taking a wad of cash out of that machine – just watch your back when you leave the ATM.

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