Pho 2000: Pricey but tasty Pho in the heart of District 1

One of the must-try Vietnamese dishes is, of course, Pho. You can literally find a Pho joint almost everywhere, but then comes the question – are they actually any good?

OK, you can find a cheapie Pho dish for a dollar in many a side street, but is your stomach going to be churning long after you’ve slurped up the last of the noodles? That’s one of the key elements for me, after getting acquainted with the inner reaches of the toilet bowl after many a cheapie dish.

So, forgive me for not aligning my taste buds with the Pho purists, but I have to recommend Pho 2000 next to Ben Thanh market in the heart of District 1 (see the map below).

Famous for a 2000 visit by then US President Bill Clinton, Pho 2000 is a clean, smart little restaurant that serves up some very decent Pho, and some very crunchy and delicious spring rolls. Again, it’s not the cheapie $1 dish you can find elsewhere and will set you back just over $3, but it is very decent – and yes, a hat tip to the chef for the tender, fat-free slices of beef that I had in my bowl.

It is touristy and can get very busy at times, but if you really want to try a decent Pho without facing some jail time on the ol’ crapper, give this place a shot.

If you’re in Ha Giang to do the Ha Giang Loop, check out Pho Maison on the outskirts of the city for a truly delicious Pho experience!
Find it here on Google Maps.
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