Wanderlust Bungalows on Phu Quoc: perfect budget accommodation!

Wanderlust Bungalows on Phu Quoc island is a great little option to consider, especially if you’re keen to stay close to the stunning Sao beach!

I had the pleasure of staying at Wanderlust Bungalows for 5 nights, and have to say, was heartily impressed by the value. OK, you’re not going to get luxury for around $18 a night, but you will get a stonkingly good bed, and great service.

The rooms (they have a few options for you, but we’re talking mostly double rooms) are spacious and modern, and located in a quiet garden square behind the main reception building and entrance.

When looking them up on the map, you’ll see Wanderlust Bungalows is located just off the main road that runs right through the island. That might set the alarm bells off for some, but I’m happy to report that the nights were relatively quiet without that incessant Vietnamese honking…

Don’t miss out on some of the food – as it’s a family-run operation, you can expect some delicious local food from Ma and another aunt that seems to work there too. And we can recommend renting a scooter from the ladies at Wanderlust; it might be a tad more expensive than out on the street, but this was one of the best bikes I’ve ever had in Vietnam!

In summary: Highly Recommended!

This place is also a great place to think about if you’re thinking of checking out the fabulous Starfish Beach on the northern tip of the island!

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